Under the guidance and direction of the Elders Cultural Advisory Council, the SQCC is working constantly on researching, writing, and making available to the tribal community and the public the history of our tribal nations, the Séliš and Ql̓ispé.  

Our history reaches back thousands of years. It has been handed down to us from the elders, the keepers of our cultural knowledge, who themselves received the history handed down from the ancestors. We have combined our research in oral history with archival research focused on the information provided by earlier generations of elders. 

Below you will find free downloadable PDFs of various chapters and topics of our history. More will be added when the new SQCC website is launched. Additional materials may be found in the "History" chapter of the SQCC's new "Brochure and Guide to Available Materials," available here: Brochure Download

2023 SQCC timeline 1.pdf
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Aáy u Sqélixʷ - Bull Trout History
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Salish Pend dOreille History.pdf
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